Sprint 1 Review

April 17th through April 24th

Sprint Review

  • Weight: 357.6 lbs. (-4.4)
  • Waist size for pants: 56 (0)


I didn’t like the Fitbit for a few reasons, so I traded it in for an Apple Watch 2. I refined Story 2 to measure calories instead of steps; I’m a walker / runner, so the steps will be how I meet this goal. In my experience, a step goal has decreasing impact the thinner I get, as I burn less per step.

Stopping eating at 8 was tough, as I’m an unconscious eater, and don’t paying attention to non-eaten calories. I’ve been an over-consumer of Diet Coke for as long as I can remember. Research shows that artificial sweeteners are not good for me, nor is caffeine, nor is carbonation, so out they go.

Based on all this, I modified my stories:

User Stories: As someone trying to lose weight…

  1. I want to stop consuming calories at 8pm, because my body stores unspent calories overnight as fat.
  2. I want to burn an extra 1000 calories each day, as measured by the Watch’s “Move” measure, to ensure that I am getting exercise and maintaining a minimum level of activity.
  3. I want to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night, because when I don’t my body tries to substitute calories for rest.
  4. I want to stop drinking liquids with artificial sweeteners, coloring, or carbonation, to avoid any side-effects of such, and to not try to fool my body that it’s getting extra calories.
  5. I so not drink alcohol as the calories add no nutritional value to my body.

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