Sprint 4 Review

May 7th through May 14th

Sprint Review

  • Weight: 346.8 lbs. (-4.6 / -15.2 total)
  • Waist size for pants: 54 (-2)


Burndown 20170514

activity 20170514


This was a mostly good sprint. This was my first sprint back to work in three weeks, and so I expected it would be tougher, from an eating and activity viewpoint. In fact, I expected that I’d have more emotional and social eating than I did, so… yay!

Failed Stories

Burn 1000 Calories Each Day

To boost activity, I decided to park my car on the far side of the parking lot from my office, and that results in a lot of walking. Still below the 1000 calories per day, but my average is going up. I walked for 25 minutes yesterday and burned 207 activity calories, and so I figure if I add 30 minutes per day I should be golden. I’m not going to change this story.

Avoid Drinking Liquids with Artificial Sweeteners and Carbonation

One diet coke at a company lunch. I was weak. 🙂 Actually, it didn’t taste that good, just familiar.


Again, not a perfect week, but I dropped 4.6. lbs. On to Sprint 5.


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