Sprint 5 Review – The First Plateau(?)

May 14th through May 21st

Sprint Review

  • Weight: 346.8 lbs. (0 / -15.2 total)
  • Waist size for pants: 54 (-2)


Burndown 20170521

Activity 20170521


This was another mostly good sprint; not from a weight loss perspective, but that’s just an indicator, right? What makes this a good sprint is that I’m learning about myself.

What I’ve found this week is that I burn ~800 calories doing intermittent walking at work (parking on the far side of the parking lot, walking to people’s desks instead of calling). When I get home, I sit down and watch TV or do some work, but I don’t do any other exercise. When I think of the people I know in good shape, they seem to dedicate time to exercise, and so I’ll have to do the same. This will be a task on the Move story.

I’ve also noticed in myself a tendency to snack when I get home from work, right before meals. This strikes me as a little ludicrous; I have a story about not having seconds, but I’m actively munching from getting home (5-6 PM) until dinner (6-7 PM). The reason why is basically because I don’t take the time for lunch and get home famished, and so eat without thought. I sense another couple of stories coming on.

So my loss for the week was zero. This may be a plateau, the first of this process. I’m not a doctor, but I believe that plateaus occur when the body shifts its own internal processes to account for a loss of weight, as it goes into a mini-survival mode. Why I’m hesitant to call it a plateau is that I’ve eaten extra calories and I’ve not been hitting my exercise story, so I’m holding off judgement until next week.

Stories (changes in RED)

User Stories: As someone trying to lose weight as part of a healthy lifestyle transformation:

  1. I want to stop consuming calories at 8 PM, because my body stores unspent calories overnight as fat.
  2. I want to burn an extra 1000 calories each day, as measured by the Watch’s “Move” measure, to ensure that I am getting exercise and maintaining a minimum level of activity.
    1. TASK: Dedicate at least 30 minutes per work day to exercise.
    2. TASK: Dedicate at least 60 minutes per non-work day to exercise.
  3. I want to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night, because when I don’t my body tries to substitute calories for rest.
  4. I want to stop drinking diet sodas, to avoid any side-effects of such, and to not try to fool my body that it’s getting extra calories.
  5. I do not drink alcohol, because the calories add no nutritional value to my body.
  6. I will not have second helpings at meals, because this adds significant calories without exploring new tastes.
  7. I want to eat lunch every day, because when I don’t I tend to eat without thought to satisfy hunger before dinner.
  8. I want to consume a planned snack between meals WHEN HUNGRY, as a way of keeping myself from eating mindlessly and consuming more than I need.


Again, not a great week, but I learned a lot about what I’m doing. On to Sprint 6.



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