Sprint 7 Review – A Not-Good Week

May 28th through June 4th

Sprint Review

  • Weight: 343.8 lbs. (+3 / -18.2 total)
  • Waist size for pants: 54 (-2)


Burndown 20170604

Activity 20170604


OK, plateaus (plateaux?) suck. 

I’m looking back at the week to see what, if anything, I could have done differently. I will admit to one thing, though: I was too aggressive with changes.

I’m an engineer by trade, one who works agilely. When a system has an issue, a bug, the best way to find it is the scientific method:

  1. Hypothesize a cause
  2. Develop testable prediction
  3. Measure tests
  4. Develop theory from the result
  5. If necessary, start over.

Now, IF I change more than one factor at a time, how do I know how each factor contributed to results, and by how much? I don’t. And THAT is why I don’t change more than one aspect of the system at a time.

Two weeks ago, I made not one, not two, but four changes to the system. I added two tasks to the “Move” story to motivate me to add more activity, which should have been fairly benign. I added a story for eating lunch, and for snacking.

What was I thinking? When I work out more, I build muscle, which adds weight, though not a lot. When I eat more, I can add weight.

The way I see it, I have two choices:

  1. I can undo some or all of the changes.
  2. I can stay the course.

In Epic Two – The Scope of the Problem, I talked about weight being a trailing indicator, and not the actual goal. This week, my weight went up, it went down, it went up. I think that for now I’m going to stay the course. I need to measure the tests, to see what my new equilibrium is before I go looking at more changes.

Oh, and I spent over an hour at the fitness center on Saturday. Great exercise, but OMG, am I sore. I have GOT to not overdo it, lest I get an injury that stops me from moving at all.


Again, not a great week, but I continue to learn how to modify my behavior using Scrum. On to Sprint 8.



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  1. You are truly an inspiration Tom!


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