Sprint 8 Review – Back on Track

June 4th through June 11th

Sprint Review

  • Weight: 338.0 lbs. ( -5.8 week / -2.8 epic / -24 total )
  • Waist size for pants: 54 (-2)






I hope THAT plateau is done.

As I discussed last week, I kept the stories the same this week. There were some misses with respect to activity, but everything else was the same, and… TADA! Over five pounds down.

Now, I’m not trying for five pounds each week. Heck, I’m not targeting any amount of weight loss at all. I’m just trying to live healthy, and weight is NOT the goal, its just a trailing indicator.

Weight loss comes down to a simple math problem: Weight Change ∝ Calories In – Calories Out. That is, one’s weight change is proportional to the difference between calories in and calories out. If In > Out, Weight increases, and vice-versa.

Plateaus are a time when my body seems to say… math is wrong. What I think the actual message is: “You’re starving, so I have to readjust things so as to survive.”

I hope that the readjustment is done. Please.

Anyway, I didn’t change anything last week, and so it seems like I’m doing OK.


A great week. I think not changing things allowed my body to stabilize, and this still doesn’t feel like work. The only thing I’m working on now is meeting my daily activity goal.



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