Losing with Scrum, Sprint 9 Review – Plans Suck, or What Happens When Your Heart has Different Plans

June 11th through June 18th

Sprint Review

  • Weight: 337.6 lbs. ( -0.4 week / -3.2 epic / -24.4 total )
  • Waist size for pants: 54 (-2)


Remember when I said that plans don’t work? TADA!

  • On June 8th, I underwent a Nuclear Stress Test.
  • On Monday the 12th, I received a call from my Cardiologist to visit him on Tuesday.
  • On Tuesday, I was informed that I had a serious but reversible heart problem, and to STOP working out, exercising, or doing anything that might impact my heart.
  • On Wednesday, I underwent an angiogram, which was supposed to be followed by angioplasty. The angioplasty was postponed/cancelled because of complications.
  • On Thursday, I was advised, by several physicians and surgeons, that my best course of action is Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG).

In short, I need a triple bypass, and it’s scheduled for June 23rd. It’s scheduled for next week. Recovery will be tough, and may take as many as three months. I have friends who’ve been hospitalized after this for about a month.

With all this in mind, I am, at this point, terminating Epic Three. Epic Four will begin immediately, and will be centered around the surgery and recovering from it.


Plans suck. Epic Four begins now.



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