Losing with Scrum, Sprint 10 Review – Bypass

June 18th through June 25th


I was petrified with the concept of having open-heart surgery. I have a few comorbidities, mainly that I’m morbidly obese and have controlled Type-II diabetes, which basically led me to believe that I had hours to live. On the 20th of June, my mind grabbed on to the fact that I might be alive to only 60 more hours. The next morning, I had a prescription for Xanax and, well, I stopped worrying.

And so it was that, on June 23rd, I had bypass surgery. I was originally going to have a triple bypass, but they did a double instead.

  1. Aorta to Left Anterior Descending Artery using the Internal Mammary Artery.
  2. Aorta to Circumflex using the Saphenous Vein, taken from my leg.

I remember them putting something over my face, taking a deep breath, and… being awake. I remember a voice telling me to breathe, which I assume was after the breathing tube was removed. I don’t remember much pain. I do remember feeling like I was always out of breath.

On the 24th, I was moved from the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit to Cardiac Recovery. With each day, I get stronger and this gets less difficult.

At this point, everything I do is as required by the hospital staff, so the only story is:

As someone recovering from Open Heart Surgery, I follow the instructions of the hospital staff.


This is really not fun.



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