Losing with Scrum, Sprint 11 Review – Beginning Recovery

June 25th through July 2nd


On June 27th, I was released to come home. Yep, four days of recovery in the hospital and I was released.

Recovering at home has been interesting. Part of the surgery is the cutting of my sternum into two pieces. It was wired shut afterwards, but cutting and wiring it resulted in two annoying requirements placed on my by this surgery:

  1. I am not allowed to lift more than eight pounds for eight weeks. This means that I can’t use my arms to lift or lower myself into a chair. Thank goodness that my legs are used to carrying my complete 300+ pounds.
  2. I can only sleep on my back for several weeks. I’m NOT a back sleeper. To enforce this, I’ve been sleeping in a recliner. I’m very weary of sleeping in a recliner.

I’ve been given over a dozen medications to take, which have led to some interesting medicine-derived side-effects.

I’ve been prescribed Oxycodone, which makes me ill. I stopped taking it and stopped experiencing side effects by Friday.

I’ve also been prescribed Plavix, a blood thinner. I’ve been having nose bleeds, and the blood collects in my sinuses. As it sits there, it begins to smell. Every breath smells like rotting blood. This keeps me up at night and affects the way food tastes. As soon as I can get off Plavix, I’m there.

Finally, I’m on a few diuretics, which make me pee… a lot. I don’t like them, as I wake up several times a night. On the plus side, I don’t feel bloated.


It feels like I’ve been tired for a long time, and recovery has just started.



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