Losing with Scrum, Sprint 12 Review – Recovery Continues

July 2nd through July 9th


As the title implies, recovery continues. I’ve been released from a couple of medicines. I’m bored all the time, because I can’t work. I’ve been walking farther each day.

The most difficult aspect of this has to do with my father. Dad has Stage 4 lung cancer, and has been fighting it for two years. Before the surgery, I was his strong-man, the person who lifted him to move from chair to wheelchair, etc. I wasn’t the only one, but he relied on me, and I think we both got something out of it.

I can’t do that now, as he weighs more than eight pounds.

My son-in-law, Gus Patrick, has been visiting with us to help me recover, and he’s picked up the slack, but I feel useless. I hate it.


Bored and useless.



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