Losing with Scrum, Sprint 14 Review – Aftershocks

July 16th through July 23rd


This week was the funeral. My dad wanted a Celebration of Life, and that’s what we gave him, a great party. I had too much to drink…

I spoke his eulogy, attached.


I have worked on what to say since it became clear that Dad wasn’t going to beat this. This wasn’t surrender, but my way of dealing with the way things were.

I want to speak to what a great American he was, for he truly was. He loved this country and was a true patriot. He spent much of his military career in vaults and secure spaces, 100% the Cold Warrior. When duty called to Vietnam, he went and experienced a hot war.

After his military career, he spent years as a civilian still fighting the Cold War for his country. I think it’s safe to say that he made each of us, each American, safer through his work.

It was, and remains, an honor to be his son.

Papa was great friend, and if you were Jim Moseley’s friend, you were blessed. When you talked to him, you had his complete attention. He was the most active listener I’ve ever known, and his mind, his memory, was razor sharp to the end. If he’d met you once, the next time you saw each other he would remember your name, where you met, and other things about you.

If you were his friend, and I was, you knew it was a privilege of be his friend.

Finally, I want to speak to being a member of his family. He was a man who truly and enthusiastically loved his family. He loved to spend time with us, and enjoyed the mayhem and hubbub that came from being surrounded by the Moseley clan.

As his son, the only son of the only son, surrounded by sisters, I have the conceit that our relationship was special, though in reality all relationships are special and unique. Before Judi and I moved to Arizona, he and I would golf every weekend he was here, and my mom and Judi would drive us around. We vacationed together, ate together, watched TV together… you get the picture.

When Judi and I moved to Arizona four years ago, I called him after a particularly rough stretch at a new job. The job wasn’t what I was sold, and I was ready to throw in the towel and come home. His advice was to stick it out; that although he wanted us back here badly, I had to give this a shot, for otherwise I’d always wonder if I could have done it. He was willing to sacrifice the time for my betterment. He shipped golf clubs to Arizona and, when my parents visited, we golfed there.

That’s who he was.

It was nice being a member of his family. It was nice being his friend and his son, and having him, my papa, my pops, my father.

I just wish it could have been nice a bit longer.


This has been a horrible month, between open heart surgery and the death of my hero; my dad. I will say that this revealed how many friends I have, as I’ve received a lot of support.

I miss him.

Regardless, I have to continue to recover from surgery. I see my surgeon on August 1st, and will hopefully be deemed “recovered.”


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