Welcome to Agile Forth!

Agile Forth is the consulting company of Tom Moseley. I train and coach organizations or individuals in scrum and agile disciplines.

I have been involved with Scrum and working with agility for seven years. When I moved from development to management at a contract company at the Kennedy Space Center, I was given the minor management challenging of transforming the organization’s development methodology from using a Waterfall lifecycle to a Scrum one. Over three years, I functioned as Scrum Master and Product Owner, as Trainer and Coach, and as Agile Evangelist.

What we found during this transformation was astounding. By the time we had finished…

  • The teams had fun and found the work rewarding;
  • Teams felt like their input and expertise was being used and mattered;
  • The team and leadership were able to quickly identify and resolve issues;
  • The teams were able to accomplish and deliver value at a faster pace using Scrum than we were with traditional processes; and
  • Our customers loved it.

There’s nothing magical about being Agile. There is also nothing simple about it. Agile transformation involves the acceptance of a set of values and a culture, not just practices and methods. What many don’t understand is that working with Agile is disruptive, as an Agile transformation changes the way one looks at everything.

The nice part is that we will make the journey iteratively, make changes, watch for resistance, and address the resistance, and then… keep going. We’ll do this in with openness, with transparency, to remove the mystery and let everyone see and participate in this journey.

My vision is to show  organizations how to make this shift and to show their teams and leadership how to work Agilely and use Scrum and other Agile practices. In an Agile culture, Agile teams using Scrum can deliver value with productivity they wouldn’t have believed possible.